Meet our Expert Beth

Beth – MySugarWatch

In this week’s blog, MySugarWatch® Diabetes Specialist Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Beth Wagland, shares what motivated her to join the first team of healthcare experts at MySugarWatch®

I previously worked for Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust as a Staff Wellbeing Officer and went on to join ICE Creates (Healthy Lifestyles Coventry) as a Senior Healthy Lifestyles Advisor. My MSc in Health Psychology helped me understand what drives behaviours and this background has given me the tools to best motivate and support lifestyle changes. My previous work allowed me to gain experience supporting individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and put into practice my thoughts on giving people confidence and support with health and wellbeing.

Working with a range of lifestyle behaviours such as weight loss, increasing activity and stopping smoking, has allowed me to view health holistically and experience supporting people in a variety of ways. This is very important when considering the impact of living with different conditions, such as Type 2 diabetes, as factors around the right approach change for every individual.

Real solutions

The benefits and enjoyment of being active is something I am passionate about sharing. I do this in my own life, regularly running and even taking part in ½ marathons. Whilst I try to improve my times, this is not competitive and I mainly test myself just for fun, to keep fit and get outdoors.

I love to exercise, but I also love baking! Eating healthy is very important but balance and moderation must be shared as a positive message. Setting achievable goals is a more realistic solution and sustainable change for most people, as this results in gradual but long-lasting success. Keeping track of this progress and using data to visualise the best strategy moving forwards is something I believe will be lifechanging for a significant number of people.

Why MySugarWatch®?

I was attracted to the team at MySugarWatch® because they are at the forefront of game-changing technology for those with Type 2 diabetes. Teaming my passion for helping and supporting people with their health, along with the opportunity to be involved in the implementation of an exciting product, seemed like a “no-brainer” and a truly rewarding area to work.

I hope to make a difference in as many people’s lives as possible by helping MySugarWatch® club members to manage their Type 2 diabetes better, with the prospect of putting their diabetes into remission. I’m also hoping to continue to develop the product and expand it into different areas of interest, such as sports.

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