Meet our Expert Claire

In this week’s blog, MySugarWatch® Diabetes Specialist Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Claire Haines, explains her background and new career aspirations since joining MSW. 

Health is my passion and has been ever since I was around 6 years old. When someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said a Personal Trainer! I very much ensure I practise what I preach so understand the struggles you can encounter with lifestyle and how to resolve these problems. We are all human and life isn’t as straight forward as always having time and energy to be perfect, but my goal is to give people the knowledge of how to manage Type 2 diabetes around a busy social and personal life. You deserve to be living your best life and know how good your body is designed to feel.

Knowing the science behind diabetes means you are in control instead of it being in control of you. I want to help people reach this point and help them set small, achievable goals so they feel they can easily go away and put this into practise in day-to-day life. My goal is also to make this enjoyable for you and a personal project to enjoy rather than seeing it as a chore. Even tiny changes all add up, so let’s get you on the road to remission!

My bit about me

I have a 2:1 in Health, Exercise and Physical Activity BSc (Hons) along with an Advanced Level 7 master’s in health and Wellbeing Physiology.

My career for the past 7 years has been with Nuffield Health where I went from being a Specialist Personal Trainer to a Health and Wellbeing Physiologist. Here I delivered various types of health assessments depending on clients’ specific needs and wants. I’d take each client through a range of tests including a full bloods test, analysis of body composition, ECG, posture, emotional wellbeing, lung function and blood pressure. Some assessments also include a fitness VO2 test or exercise ECG using a watt bike and a full coaching session.

I have studied health in depth from a holistic perspective and have delivered health assessments to many large businesses, delivering a high-quality service to high end clients.

What comes next

When I heard about the role with MySugarWatch®, this was extremely attractive to me as I have been looking for job progression in an area that I am passionate about. I liked the idea that this was a specialised role as I have always been very interested in Type 2 diabetes care. I know I will be able to bring a lot of knowledge to the MySugarWatch® team that will benefit the company in many different ways.

Thanks to regularly delivering full coaching sessions, I have covered not only Type 2 diabetes but cholesterol management, weight management, reducing cancer risk, emotional wellbeing and postural wellbeing. This gives me a wide base of knowledge to expand and a higher level of coaching for members to benefit from, as I can explain how diabetes also affects many other areas.

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