Meet our expert – Jenny

Jenny Wilkinson

In this week’s blog, MySugarWatch® Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Jenny Wilkinson, shares some of her experiences and what she hopes to achieve after joining the team at MSW. 

I am passionate about making a difference in individuals’ quality of life and believe through good education and solid guidance, we can empower individuals to take control of their lives.

The MSW way fits perfectly with my approach to health and being able to tailor the advice to the individual need will bring about positive change to how health is addressed in the future. 

Learning and development

I have a degree in Adult Nursing and progressed onto study a post-graduate diploma in Diabetes Care at the University of Warwick, which provided me with the knowledge, education and skills to assist individuals from diagnosis of Diabetes and then throughout their ongoing journey.

I enjoyed working within the National Health Service as a Diabetes Clinical Sister within the community, focusing primarily on individuals with Type 2 diabetes, Insulin and medication controlled, with co-morbidities. I ensured a patient-centred focus to educate around the diagnosis and encouraged a healthier lifestyle, to improve quality of life through gaining better blood sugar control. All of these experiences will help me to support members of MSW, no matter what their personal ability. I am an advocate of tailored advice, specific to individual needs and requirements, and will do my utmost to ensure members will feel empowered to make and maintain positive changes.

Future aspirations

Diabetes is one of the biggest long-term conditions in the UK, which has major cost implications to the NHS and massively affects a person’s health. My hope for my future career with MSW is to share my knowledge to improve the current situation and use my platform to positively bring about change in the way health addresses Type 2 diabetes in particular.

I am focused on the driving factors that can put Type 2 diabetes into remission and I am passionate about the individualised care I deliver, whether that is for people at risk, recently diagnosed or looking to improve ongoing management of the condition.  I am excited to continue learning myself and to grow alongside the rest of the team at MSW. Who knows where our future with this company may take us!

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