Meet our expert – Nim Chohan

Diabetic Nurse

In this week’s blog, MySugarWatch® Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Nim Chohan, provides insight into her career experiences and explains what led her to join the team at MySugarWatch®

In addition to being a Diabetes Specialist I have experience in marketing integrations, production and sales, provide useful knowledge that will assist and support my role here at MySugarWatch®. I have also worked for Xyla Health and Wellbeing (formerly Independent Clinical Services) and for international companies such as Virgin Active, where I was a Personal trainer and qualified GP referral specialist.

One of my main areas of expertise is Type 2 diabetes, including working as a diabetic health and wellness coach for the NHS England National Diabetes Prevention Programme.  Some of my unique experience comes from roles early in my career at the likes of Britvic Soft drinks (as a Sales Executive) and other IT consultant and sales account manager roles at both Specialist Computer Centre and Ramesys Construction. I made a career change and refocused on health 19 years ago, but these positions gave me great insight into marketing strategies, managing projects and implementing business methodologies, which are things I would not have been exposed to had I always worked in the same industry.

Understanding and Knowledge

In my career so far, I have built strong awareness of how Type 2 diabetes can be prevented, by providing advice and guidance around nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep and support. My wider knowledge of various medical conditions is highly beneficial too, as overall health and wellbeing have a direct effect on how well diabetes is managed. I can provide guidance on different aspects of nutrition and exercise in additional areas too such as Hypertension, Asthma, Obesity, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis and General Anxiety Disorder.

With COVID-19, health and specifically Type 2 diabetes have come more to the frontline of thinking, as after two years of lockdowns and other measures, bad habits and mental health struggles have increased and led to some people not looking after themselves in the way they would have before. I am really keen to help people in these situations to be more mindful and find the motivation to get back on the right track, which MySugarWatch® can help to do.

Goals and aspirations

My ambition is to be the best I can be within the Type 2 diabetic prevention sector and to increase patient understanding of Type 2 diabetes management technologies and techniques. I am excited to be involved in a new and exciting product that will empower and change people’s lives. For many, this device will be the tool that influences a better ongoing strategy and leads to positive change.

I am looking forward to progressing my career further and gaining even more understanding about diabetes myself so that I can continue to help as many people as possible to live better and healthier.

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