Meet our Expert Sandra

In this week’s blog, MySugarWatch® Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Sandra Todd, explains how her life and career journey has led to her joining the team at MSW. 

I am a registered nutritionist and have over 16 years of experience running my own business (The Todd Way), helping people to lose weight and become fitter and healthier to improve their quality of life through delivering fitness, nutrition and wellbeing classes. This includes over three years of experience working specifically with those at risk of developing type two diabetes, as a health & wellbeing coach for the NHS diabetes prevention programme.

I was originally inspired to learn more about weight loss after my own journey (where I managed to lose over three stone) and wanted to understand more about why certain diets and approaches worked better for some people than others. My interests have evolved as my career progressed, including looking at specialist areas such as the link between obesity and breast cancer. In 2016, I was invited to attend and present my research findings at  the European Obesity summit which was held in Sweden, which is something I remain very proud of.

Learning never ends

I have gained an MSc in exercise and nutrition science at the University of Chester where I had a real passion for helping and supporting people with different health conditions through nutrition and lifestyle. I then went on to a post-graduate diploma in Nutritional Therapy which I completed in 2020 at the University of Worcester. I have recently completed my Master’s specialising in nutrition to support menopausal symptoms. This wealth of experience will help me to support all members of MySugarWatch®, no matter what their current abilities. I look forward to tailoring nutrition and lifestyle advice specific to the diverse individual needs I am guaranteed to encounter.

Future aspirations

I am passionate about making a real difference to the quality of life of MySugarWatch® Club Members  and sharing the knowledge, findings and understanding I have acquired throughout my career so far. I am a keen advocate of the message that there is no “one size fits all” approach to Type 2 diabetes. MySugarWatch® has the same ethos as I do regarding providing bespoke advice and guidance, never treating someone as a number or a statistic.

I feel inspired by the company to make a positive difference for members and as part of this team, I know we can help put Type 2 diabetes in remission for countless members, whatever their background.

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