Press Release

Specialist nurses join innovative Type 2 diabetes community

MySugarWatch® is a brand-new needle-free continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device designed specifically to empower people with or at risk of Type 2 diabetes. The team behind the product recently welcomed six new expert healthcare professionals to the team, ahead of launching this Spring.

Patient education, engagement and empowerment are core to the successful management of Type 2 diabetes. The cornerstone of this management is blood glucose control, with individualised target levels for blood glucose agreed between a patient and their health care professional. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) provides information on current rising or falling trends every five minutes throughout the day, with optimal management based on the percentage of readings and time per day that a patient spends within their Time-in-Range (TIR), then making lifestyle changes to improve this.

It is not uncommon for those living with Type 2 diabetes to feel confused or alone regarding their diagnosis, particularly when recently diagnosed, with many people only discussing their progress and wellbeing with specialist professionals once per year. Consultations have become even more difficult to obtain recently due to the pressures placed on GP surgeries post the coronavirus pandemic.

MySugarWatch® aims to ensure all members have constant access to a community of other device wearers and will benefit from tips, reassurance and advice provided by a team of in-house Type 2 diabetes experts. All six of the latest company recruits are Diabetes Specialist Nutrition and Wellness Coaches, and they will be regularly sharing communications featuring their unique knowledge and experiences.

Jenny Wilkinson was previously employed by the NHS as a Diabetes Community Clinical Sister, working with Type 2 diabetics to educate them further about their diagnosis, promote a healthier lifestyle and improve quality of life through better blood sugar control. Another new starter is Claire Haines, who has been a Health and Wellbeing Physiologist for the past 5 years and is also a Specialist Personal Trainer. She has worked with many clients over this time motivating them to change their behaviours to live healthier lifestyles to improve various conditions including Type 2 diabetes.

Nim Chohan previously worked as a Diabetic Health and Wellness coach for the NHS England National Diabetes Prevention Programme, she is also a member of The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) as a qualified GP Exercise Referral Practitioner. Sandra Todd has been a coach for the NHS diabetes prevention programme for three years and additionally has over 16 years’ experience running her own business as a registered nutritionist and fitness instructor empowering individuals to make change.

Beth Wagland was a Senior Healthy Lifestyles Advisor and worked for Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, helping people facing a range of lifestyle needs such as weight loss, increasing activity and stopping smoking. Finally, Lucy Webb is a registered nutritionist and former Senior Lifestyle Advisor and Lead for Nutrition, working within GP surgeries and community centres delivering 12-week interventions, as well as writing 6-month programmes for those needing longer-term support.

This new team is set to be joined by further members of staff with equally diverse skills in the coming months. The aim is for all MySugarWatch® club members to benefit from the insight, individual backgrounds and expertise of every nurse.

The use of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) has been limited until now by the burden of use for the patient, but MySugarWatch® overcomes these barriers and is uniquely needle-free. Daily sensors and a transmitter sit on (not under) the wearer’s skin, monitoring blood glucose Time-In-Range (TIR) in real-time without repeated scanning. Readings update every five minutes and are blue-toothed to smartphones, providing up to 168 blood glucose readings over a 14-hour day and recording this data on a dedicated app. MySugarWatch® is a CE mark approved, Class IIb medical device.