What are the Benefits of being a MySugarWatch® Club Member?

It’s Needle-Free

The MySugarWatch® disposable sensor is attached to the underside
of the Transmitter Device and sits comfortably on (not under) your skin.

It’s Empowering

Monitoring your daily Time-in-Range score Empowers you to positively influence your Blood Glucose throughout the day by implementing appropriate changes to your diet and lifestyle.

It’s Your Personal Choice

Each MySugarWatch® disposable sensor produces up to 168 Blood Glucose readings over a 14 hour day. Additional sensors are available at your personal choice.

MSW® Club Membership.
Care Platform Services

Applying the daily MSW® Glucose Sensor

Your invitation to receive a free 20 minute video consultation with a Type 2 Diabetes Healthcare Professional.*

(Normally £130)

*Limited to the first 1,000 successful applicants.

Video Testimonials

“MySugarWatch® offered me a needle-free Blood Glucose monitoring solution that’s non-invasive and easy to use. I didn’t even realise I had the MySugarWatch® device on my arm as it is so lightweight. It gives me assurance that my blood sugar reading is accurate, and I have access to my levels on my phone at all times.

MySugarWatch® is transforming how I monitor my blood sugar levels and manage my Type 2 Diabetes.”

“I have had Type 2 Diabetes for 10 years; I have intermittently managed my blood sugar with skin prick testing.

Wearing the MySugarWatch® transmitter device alerts me to changes to my blood sugar and I can then act accordingly. I have a busy professional and sporting lifestyle and this insight into my blood sugar levels has a very positive effect on my wellbeing and enjoyment of life.”


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