Medical Advisor to the Board<br>Professor David Strain

Meet our expert Medical Advisor to the Board
Professor David Strain

Ass. Prof in Cardiometabolic Health

Chair of British Medical Association Board of Science and Academic Staff Committee

Co-Clinical and Academic Lead of Healthcare for Older People department

University of Exeter Medical School, UK

Professor David Strain is an Associate Professor in Cardiometabolic at the Diabetes and Vascular Research Centre at the University of Exeter Medical School, with expertise in microvascular structure and function. Clinically, he runs a community service for the older adult with diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease and works as an in-patient consultant.

Professor Strain’s main focus is the health of older adults with diabetes; ensuring the right patient gets the right treatment. This includes research exploring the mechanism that some medications, specifically the SGLT-2 inhibitors and GLP-1 analogues, give benefits for people with diabetes, heart disease and renal failure beyond their effect on sugar and blood pressure. The hope is we can identify those who would benefit most before arising. He has performed the only study to date demonstrating the feasibility of individualizing targets for older adults across Europe. As a result, he led the stakeholder’s group that produced the UK guidelines for the management of older adults with type 2 diabetes that informed the new UK NICE guidance and modification to the Quality Outcome Framework.

Since April 2019, he has also been running a COVID service as clinical lead in COVID for Exeter, being involved in the national Long COVID taskforce, and establishing research into the underlying causes and potential cures.

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